annnnnd NOW!

So I haven't ruined my life yet. Know why? Cause I'm awesome. That's why.

I'm moving kids. Did ya know? Bet ya didn't.

But I am.. Oh I am. To a place on 64th street with my dear old sis. Joe will move in two months after I do. Long story. The moral is though is that it's gonna be OK. And that's how I roll.

The other moral of the story is that my birthday is in 9 days. Can ya dig it?? 9 I tells ya. How fun!

OH, we switched from crappy ass talk to a rock station again. K-Rock is all back and whatnot. How excited are you? For realsies. I know it, I can feel your happiness and joy through cyberspace. Who am I talking to? I dunno, but it's nice..isn't it? I have some cool new things to do. Fun for the family is what it is.

K. Gonna go now. See you soonish!
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Ok go

So I do hate people. That's a fact.

I just hate how people are fake at times. I mean, let's admit it folks. We are all fake from time to tizime. But I feel that the fakeness level of some people reaches a level of terribleness that severely annoys me. I shouldn't be so concerned with other people, especially when it doesn't concern me...but I so am.


I'm doing this to either better my life or ruin it. Depends on how you look at it. Ask about me homies.

obligatory update after 2347389 months

So, lol. Do I have to say "wow! It's been so long since I've posted"? I didn't think so.

Still at Free FM. I like it there and I heart the people there like whoaness. For realsies.

I'm still happily living with Joe. We have our issues, but at the end of the night, I still am happy and grateful I'm with him. We have a great little family goin'. Our house (haha I at first typed hose. Our hose is a happy one) is a happy one...and that's what matters. I'm too dramatic for him and he's too apathetic. But for some reason there is a balance there that makes us really happy. I love going to sleep next to him, with Lexi in the middle of us (that's my dog, perverts). I'm very grateful and happy I'm with him

My family situation is a bit messed up. I mean, I'm very sad about the whole thing. But it is what it is and there's nothing anyone can do about it. So I'll have to suck it up and whatnot.

I have my beautiful Lexi Star. My dog. She is the best addition to my life. I love her so much. For serious. She's out of her mind, but she makes me so happy.

I, my friends, am sorely broke. Like in a scary way. It's tapping into my happiness. Lol. But seriously, guys. I have no money. I have no idea where it all went. I don't go shopping and all that jazz, so I can't imagine where it is. I'm thinking that it's all going to student loans and whatnot. Which is ass. I don't want to get another job, because I want to be completely available for Free FM. So, I'm stuck. I hope that something wonderous happens and I get some monies soon, cause this is bad news bears.

And I think that that is it. I'm happy in general, just stressed about things like family and money. Of course the two things that there is basically nothing I can do about. And that's it. So, I guess there was no need for an update in the first place...but I like attention, so I figured...why not? This update isn't that funny. Maybe I'll do another at a later date that is a bit more humorous. Perhaps laddies, perhaps.


So I leave LJ for a week and this is what happens? Not cool dude, not cool.

Either way, I shall update for your viewing pleasure. I've come to realize that I am who I am. I used to be really down on myself for being a lame-o or for being too eager to please others. Now...I don't give a good gosh darn. I mean, yes, I want people to accept me. Whoever says "fuck 'em, I don't care what people thinks of me" is a liar. And a thief :) For realsies, people like to be liked. I do. So when I'm myself and people don't like me, I guess it just means that I don't mesh with certain humans. Tis all.

So, there that is.

I want a dog. I'm stalking the guy I spoke to last week about it today with my boyfriend. I need my dog. And I need new jeans cause I'm fat.

Work is fine and dandy.

Boyfriend is fine and dandy.

Family is eh.

Money is eh.

And that my friends is how I roll. I've gotten the chance to catch up with a lot of people from the hood which is good.

People are confusing. They are. Why? I do not know. I wish people would just be straight up with how they feel about you and what they think, without being meanies. Why be negative, about anything? Even if your luck is bad...and you're misunderstood, why be negative about it? Look up, and even if it sucks and it's hard, look the fuck up. I learned that negativity will get you nowhere. I know that life is tough. I do. For realsies. I can be emo with the best of 'em. But when you get yourself into a groove, it's best to try your best to stay in it. Now, I wonder to myself out loud if I don't get on the radio in the next few years if I will be greatly saddened. If I try my best, hopefully that won't happen. But let's say my efforts have gone unnoticed and I don't get on right away. WIll be sad and negative and downsome. Hopefully not. I think life is purely situational and purely about choice. Purely. Yes. bad hands get dealt...there's no doubt about that. But I think that people can turn bad luck into something ok. Savvy?

But what in the tarnhill do I know? Hm? HMMM? Not much I spose. I do know that I don't like Alex Trebeck, but I do like Justin Timberlake. I don't like liars, but I do like good times. So, there THAT is.

is there room for one more?

Hello ladies and homeslices...how's 'everyone doin' up in this piece? I'm alright. I've been workin' all week, fillin' in for the receptionist. You kow how I do. For realsies.

I'm feelin' better, I actually got medicine and whatnot. So that's good. Joe is fine and dandy, we aren't driving each other crazy yet. Well, a little bit...but not more than usual. I'm still trying to get used to this whole I have to do things for myself thing. Like, i'm not NOT used to it, but I feel like I should be doing more. That doesn't make an arse lick of sense, so figure it out. Savvy?

I have been doing a lot of remembering though. So, there that is. I'm not going back to school, cause I graduated, which is always a very good thing. But I'm thinking of last year and how sickly miserable I was at this time. There was the Jude thing, the Sirius thing, the Ted thing, the school thing, the substance thing. I was ass last fall. Odd. I feel good inside now, I think. I mean, I don't have that much to worry about, accept money. And that's nothing new really. My love life is divine indeed. My family is a bit on the wierd side, but I'll love them no matter what happens. I'm not wanting anything, or hoping for anything, aside from my goals as an on air chickadee. Goals are different for me than longing for something, I feel. Of course, you want a goal..no der. But I think, when I set a goal, I know I'm going to achieve it...or else I wouldn't set it. That's how I roll Broseph. I usually don't reach for the unreachable...could be a bad self-esteem or could be just the realist inside me.

Garsh, I would come home in the fall, do the illegal things, lay on the couch and wait to go out and drink, or just sleep. What the crap was that about? I feel close to stagnant now, but the comforting thing is I know I'm not. I'm kinda floating. Like, I'm in the right place, and I just have to wait for the right time. That's all.

SO. That's a good thing. I'd like to get married sometime soonish. I do love Joe and I do feel like I'm going to be with him forever. But I'm all about the wedlock. And a dog. I need a dog, by November. Any dogsitters out there? Holler back son.

So, I'm done with all my silly talkin'. I'm not making a lot of sense..but I don't feel funny today. I only make sense when I'm funny. Lol, that's not true. But whatevs.

I spose that's it. all good, savyy?

well Lordy be

It's been quite some time that I've written in this lil' thing. Quite some time indeed.

I've moved out of my hizouse. I live with Joe in a nice little place on River Road. Mad swanky son. I'm so broke and this is so out of my league...but whatevs. I'm happy with him and the place. Quite happy indeed. Actually guess who lives here as well. Just guess. I'll give you some hints. The loser ass face that I worked with at Sirius that made my life impossible. Yes...good ol' Comedy ****. Good times. I saw him the first day I was here, I was all...dayum. But it's alright, things are ok and whatnot. I do miss my family a bit...but it's all good son, everything's alrighty roo. And I live two minutes away. So, there that is.

Work is the same. I love everyone I work with too, so that is always a good thing, and a complete turn around from my days at good ol' changs. I had a lil' event yesterday, the O&A traveling virus and I saw the one. The Only. Bob Saget. My life is complete. Completely complete. It was AWESOME. So awesome I can't see straight.

Oh, there's that and I have a crippling cough.

For realsies, I'm so sick, but I don't want any doctor visits, until my big one on the 21st. Yep.

Soooo, work is about to get a lot better too. Just is.

So, other than that, everything is the sizame. I'm about to go out with my momma dukes to Chang's to have som good ol' Joe cookin'. My sister is a server there, God bless her soul. I'm dying a bit cause of the nasty cough so this could by my last entry. But if I do die, at least I saw Bob Sage say "Fuck that shit...OWW!" on stage. That my friends, is what dreams are made of.

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who's gettin' married? DORA'S GETTIN' MARRIED! I have to see her off today, which should be fun.

Love you dorita.

All is the same in the Sasha camp. Joe and I are good times. Moving in together in a month. Woot. Work is super fantastical. The only problem I have is money. But that's alright, I'll make it work...won't I? The answer to that is yes. Yes I will.

So party on party people. For realsies. I'm gonna get mad crunked son. heh. that sounds funny even though I wrote it. Peace out homeslices.


Sooo, happy birthday Iohann with an I :)

My berfday is tomorrow folks. So let's get on it. Now.

This one kinda creeped up on me. All bein' 22 and shit. Now I'm only 11 years younger than Joe. Take that!


you don't know til you begin

Nothin' much going on at the momento. I saw Dave and everyone on Wednesday, which was super fantastical. Everytime I see them, it makes me miss them. So, hopefully I'll keep seeing them throghout my little life. So, there that is.

I feel lethargic. I'm not sure why. I thik somehow I brought myself bad karma. I had to spend a lot of money this morning. Things got messed up with joe's money and we need it for the holding fee for the apartment. So, I am left with zero dollars for the week. That is no bueno.

I feel wierd, as usual. I think seeing everyone on wednesday put me back a couple steps. I"m feeling alright...but I just get this nagging. I like my job and all that jazz, I do. I really do. I just feel like something is going to go WRONG. What is that about?

So, that will be all.