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You came to see the mobscene?

I miss the comfort in being sad

24 June
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Well, start writin' behotches, cause I'm VERY interesting...I'm goin' to Fordham University (FU haha) for the fourth year...in a row! I hate to scare people, but I tend to. A lot. And I love my friends, all three of them, they are so delicious!

Boyfriend status is confusing. Or non-existant. Whatever, you're making me hungry.

I'm not a pothead but people think I am. I really find it annoying when people use numbers as letters. Like L0v3...that's retarded. Don't do it.

I have at least two pots of coffee a day, but no I'm not addicted :\ Like, I really do drink two pots a day...if you don't believe then I shall eat you. Because that's how I deal with my problems.

The Marilyn Manson and the Nirvana are what complete me in life.. they shave me from myshelf...and that's it darlin's...you know you're curious baby :-D No? Fine then, I'll stop following you...and I REALLY think that the restraining order was a little much. Don't you? *taps foot*